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No Win No Fee is a specialist personal injury expert and helps people who have suffered an injured through no fault of their own claim compensation – whether in the workplace, an accident, slip, trip or fall, or whiplash. No Win No Fee helps to make the process as pain free as possible and guides their customers sympathetically through the process.

They approached Caboodle Design to redesign their website with a new look and feel and wanted to combat the ‘guilt’ feeling that those injured often had when claiming compensation.

  • Website Design
  • Conversion Rates

Website Design & Development

  • Website Design
  • Conversion Rates

The website needed to be sympathetic to No Win No Fee’s customer base, it needed to reassure but also to allow them to feel confident and comfortable that they were entitled to make a claim.

The colour scheme was retained from the previous website and an accent colour of a rich, warm orange was integrated, helping to highlight buttons and key information that the website user would need. Optimistic images were used instead of images of people in pain which helped to show their customer base that there is light at the end of the tunnel, this also creates a positive effect helping to convert their website users in to becoming customers.

The content on the website was simplified and a simple step by step process was added demonstrating how the claim process worked. A claims calculator was also integrated so website visitors could get an idea of what they may be entitled too, along with a skeleton graphic giving an overview on the different injury types and compensation amount.

The final result was a distinctive, informative, unique website that connected with its target market and engaged its visitors. The conversion rate was challenged and improved through the use of new optimistic images, the step by step process and by making the next steps easy to take. More vital than that to the conversion rate was altering the content so it demonstrated to the user that they were entitled to seeking compensation and it can have a positive effect on their life.

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