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Housing Heritage

Taylor Wimpey

Taylor Wimpey plc is one of the largest British based housebuilding companies in the UK. They build attractive, high-quality homes from one bedroom apartments to six bedroom detached houses.

Caboodle Design were asked to create the branding and promotional material for a new Taylor Wimpey Homes development in the heart of Swindon’s Old Town.


Taylor Wimpey were in the process of sensitively upgrading a historic hotel plus building a number of new build properties in Swindon’s Old Town.

They lacked any branding or promotional materials, such as brochures, house information sheets, CGIs, to help market the development.



 Corporate Identity  Branding  Image Creation  Brochures  House Information Sheets  3D CGI Image Creation  Signage  Sales Office Graphics  Website Graphics  Photography

Our work for Taylor Wimpey

Branding & Corporate Identity

Goddard Mews was not a brash new development, but represented a sensitive upgrading of an area that included the historic Goddard Arms Hotel and the Goddard family estate dating back to 1563.

The Goddard family had been based in Swindon since before the 15th Century, the estate was acquired in 1563, with the family remaining Lords of the Manor of Swindon until 1927. Today, elements of the walls and the entrance gateposts, the wood, lakes and sunken garden of the original estate all survive and are open to the public, so the site had real historical importance that needed to be preserved.

We began by creating a logo to brand the Goddard Mews development and as heritage was so important to this project this logo was based on the Goddard family’s coat of arms. We redrew and simplified this mark so that it could be reproduced in multiple ways, in a single colour and at a small size.

A number of additional elements were then created to help brand the development, including a colour palette of red, grey and cream and a stylish heritage wallpaper pattern ensuring the essence of the development was carried throughout.

Taylor Wimpey were given a strong sub brand to help promote their new development and entice buyers.

Branding work included redrawing and simplifying the Goddard family coat of arms, developing a traditional colour palette along with a stylish heritage wallpaper pattern capturing the historical aspect.

Graphic Design

A range of marketing materials were produced including a sales brochure which made use of the stylish heritage wallpaper pattern. The outside of the brochure was covered in the wallpaper pattern which was then over-printed with a varnish giving it a luxurious, premium look. The heritage pattern was also used as a graphic throughout the brochure to help brand the elements.

We worked with a copywriter to write the text for the brochure which included using friendly ‘bite size’ chunks of information sitting alongside factual historical based text communicating the unique nature of the development.

We also produced a number of CGI images of the development showing it at different angles, taken from architectural plans, to give an artists impression of how it would look once completed.

The brand style developed, including the CGI images, was used throughout all of the marketing materials including the brochure, twelve individual house plan inserts, detailed floorplans, marketing suite and website graphics.

The end result was a strong brand, that was striking, memorable, authentic and unique, fitting in perfectly with the ethos of the development.

Their sales brochure encompassed a range of both historical and development information and utilised the brand style, CGI images and heritage pattern created earlier.

Taylor Wimpey CGI
taylor wimpey varnish
Taylor Wimpey CGI

House plan information sheets were designed using the CGI images and floorplans we created from the architectural drawings.

taylor wimpey CGI visuals


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