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AMS Aircraft Recovery

Flying the Flag for Engineering

AMS Aircraft Recovery

AMS Aircraft Recovery are a UK based engineering company who specialise in the design and manufacture of aircraft recovery equipment.

Established in 1989, AMS are one of the market leaders in their field. They not only produce the equipment but are also specialist trainers on its use and work with some of the biggest airlines, airports and military teams in the world.


AMS are a family business with global customers but their brand and communications didn’t reflect this – they looked small and “family” as opposed to competent and reassuring – essential in this marketplace. It was therefore difficult for them to compete on a global level against their competitors, to gain more market share or be seen as a global provider. Their marketing materials looked home made so  initial first impressions were severely hampered from the start. In essence their whole communications lacked impact, substance and depth preventing them competing on a global level.



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Our work for AMS Aircraft Recovery

Branding & Corporate Identity

We started working with AMS to refresh and develop their brand taking it from being seen as a family business to one with prominence, strong visual style and global appeal. We redrew their logo and developed everything from their colour palette, typography, visual style, supporting graphics through to photographic and video styling.

AMS's brand styling was developed, refined and evolved so they now look credible, professional and able to compete on a global level.
AMS brand guidelines

A set of brand guidelines were created so AMS had all the tools at their disposal to keep their brand looking fresh, on track and one that reflected their values and proposition helping them compete in a strong marketplace.

Graphic Design

A range of marketing materials were developed to help promote AMS to their customers which included a brochure demonstrating their products and services, along with a collection of promotional materials.

They also hosted an Aircraft Recovery Task Force conference for IATA members and held a special one day event to demonstrate their products. They needed a collection of promotional materials for this day, including an invitation that was designed as a personalised boarding pass, folders holding specific product information sheets, promotional merchandise, an exhibition stand and signage to direct the attendees.

The demonstration day itself was a great success and the international audience were treated to two product demonstrations at AMS’s training facility where they were able to witness an aircraft rescue.

AMS now have a full sales toolkit enabling their agents to sell their range of products globally to airports, airlines and the military.
AMS print work

A range of marketing materials were designed including a sales brochure and information sheets promoting the AMS range of products ensuring their agents had a full marketing sales kit.

A number of promotional materials were designed including an exhibition stand, event invitations and branded quirky promotional giveaways for their demonstration event.

AMS event collaterall
AMS team

Our work involved developing a style for their photography and art directing those images giving AMS a full range of promotional images.

Website Design & Development

We also redeveloped the AMS website which was in drastic need of updating. The new design utilised the AMS branding work that had been developed and was far more striking and engaging in appearance. Strong, descriptive hero images were created to add impact and to visually describe the content of the page. These images helped to set the scene of the website and enticed the website visitors to delve deeper.

We also added in clear unique selling points (USPs) to the product pages so people could see at a glance why the AMS products were better and more suitable that their competitors. We also added a section highlighting the industry firsts for which AMS are known.

A bespoke content management system was developed so the company could manage all of the content themselves, including their integrated videos, images and text.

Further SEO work done on the website had identified traffic coming to the site from different regions of the world. This gave AMS clarity on potential leads as they sell globally.

We created specific landing pages and tailored the content to those regions of the world – so we added new pages to the website in 4 different languages – Spanish, Russian, French and Portuguese.

This enabled AMS to speak directly to their target markets in their chosen language.

The new AMS website helped to elevate the company and its brand further, it gave them more credibility, enabled them to talk to a far wider and broader international audience and made them look like the global company they had become.

The new AMS website showcases their extensive range of aircraft recovery equipment, highlights their training and 'industry firsts' and demonstrates what makes them unique in this industry.

AMS Russian

The website now speaks to their targets markets in their own language - Spanish, Russian, French and Portuguese ensuring there is no language barrier to doing business.

AMS old website

Art Direction & Photography

We worked with AMS to create a photographic house style that reflected their brand values and could be used across all aspects of their marketing. We created a number of scene setting images that encompassed their product range and demonstrated the environment that their equipment would be used in. We also developed descriptive product based images to show how the aircraft would be rescued and how the products would play a part in that, along with more modern, arty images showcasing each product in a more enticing way.

AMS now have an extensive image library that demonstrates their products to their customers and shows the unique AMS business offering.

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